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"Gertie's Leap to Greatness" by Katie Beasley
Meet the new Ramona Quimby."
—Entertainment Weekly
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Gertie Reece Foy is 100% Not-from-Concentrate AWESOME.

On Sale October 4, 2016

Which is why she's dumbfounded by her mother's plan to move away from their coastal Alabama town, leaving Gertie with her father and Great-Aunt Rae. Most kids would be upset about this. But Gertie is absolutely not upset, because she has a plan. She's going to become the greatest fifth grader in the universe!

All she needs to do is: write the best summer speech (after she finds Zombie Frog), become the smartest student in her class (if her best friend, Jean the Jean-ius, doesn't mind), and win the lead part in the play (so long as a Swiss-Chocolate meltdown doesn't mess things up).

There's just one problem: Seat-stealing new girl, Mary Sue, wants to be the best fifth grader, too. And there's simply not enough room at the top for the two of them.

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This story is for anyone who has ever watned to be the greatest fifth grader ever. It's also for anyone who has never wanted to be the greatest fifth grader ever. In short, grab Gertie's hand and leap right in. It's better than the best, smoothest, creamiest chocolates. Oh, good Lord, it IS."
—Kathi Appelt, Newbery Honor author of The Underneath
Oh my lord, Gertie Reece Foy! This is a girl you can't help but root for. I kept losing my place from laughing so hard while reading this book. And more than once, I had to hide my face in my hands and read through my fingers, or I caught myself sniffling. Gertie on a mission is a spectacle that is simply not to be missed."
—Kate Milford, New York Times–bestselling author of Edgar Award–winning novel Greenglass House
If your mission is to discover a funny, heartwarming, relatable, and entertainingmiddle grade novel, then jump for joy: Your mission is accomplished. Now dive in and see how Gertie does on hers."
—Tegan Tigani, Queen Anne Book Company
Kate Beasley is a writer to watch, as she herself is poised for a leap to greatness with her debut novel."
—Mary Brown, Books, Bytes & Beyond
Look out, world, here comes Gertie Reece Foy! Kate Beasley’s debut novel captures Gertie’s story with plenty of wit and understanding."
—Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop
Kate Beasley is a true talent. She writes in the spirit of Roald Dahl and Kate DiCamillo with all the spunk and ferocity of a Southern lady. Heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny."
—Clara Martin, Lemuria Books
A spunky, sensitive, and funny modern-day Ramona Quimby. A top pick for 2016!"
—Nikki Guza, Once Upon a Time Bookstore
A great rst line sucks you in for a sweet, unexpected ride. Gertie is so precocious, so endearing, that you are championing her cause throughout the book. I loved it."
—Susan Ryan, Copperfield’s Books
Gertie is a dynamic, fun, and well-delineated character, like Ramona and Clementine. Be prepared for Gertie to leap into your heart and mind in 2016."
—John Schumacher, Ambassador of School Libraries
Gertie’s Leap to Greatness is the BOMB-SKIDDLY DIDDLY!"
—Colby Sharp, Parma Elementary School
Kate Beasley

Kate Beasley holds a masters in writing for children and young adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives with her family in Claxton, Georgia, with two dogs, one parrot, lots of cows, and a cat named Edgar. This is her first novel.

illustrations by
Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki is an illustrator and comics artist. She won both a Printz Honor and a Caldecott Honor for the graphic novel This One Summer, which she co-created with Mariko Tamaki. Jillian lives in Toronto, Ontario, wher she makes illustrations for magazines, newspapers, websites, and books.